Monday, December 26, 2005

Recently Update.

Added outfits:
-Arcana Princess: Medieval euro dress with goth points. Black, wine and white for colours.
-Amazoness Princess: Revealing, bandage with leopard fur, made from Arcana Princess.
-Bloody Tuxedo: Goth tuxedo for mens, Red, black. white. purple for jacket/skirt, and shirts.
-Shinigami 2: Shinigami charactor looks pants, sarashi shirts, and top.
Note: Symbol for back changed becouse some reason, Ask me for update with no print version of shirts.
-Chakra Suit: Full body trival tattoo, and cat suit for stencil of the tattoo, you can play around suit vs tatto colour combination.
Request from Ashadan Sachertorte for full body tatto, suit arranged for it.
-Wicca Dress: Black and white dress as long and mini.
Request from Carmen Pussycat for the long skirt, added mini skirt for more selection.
-Gater and net: Usual sheer gater and fishnet stocking, pants and underwear version include in it.
-Black Wuv Cupit: Black version of Wuv Cupit, with hot pink wings.
*Wuv cupit will not sale while...
-Fallen Angel: Black version of Holly Light armor.
*Holly Light will not sale while...
-Shy Vixen: Gaultier like? dress suit.
Request from Rhiannon Turner.

Old Clothes updated:
*You can get from update box at recomandation stand as L$1.
-Goth Armor thong (Updated alrady on the box)
-Onimusya prims: Turn them as modifiable for both version and colour.

Special Gift:
-Kon doll, from staff to guest as new year gift.

Special Clothes:
-Phoenix Sentinel and tatto made for Phenix Spa weekly event. ask to Zore or Vivianne Draper for detail.

Shop update:
-Removed Santa Kimono (till next year of the season...)
-Clean up around for new year.
-Pan cake stand added with Infonet (SL infomation net)
-Infonet Laptop

To do:
-Intoroduce text for infonet(Hina)
-Thong update for Scorpion
-School girl coat / revealing clothes
-Newyear kimono
-Newyear deco
-Album stand


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