Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Holiday!

Finaly, got holiday here in real life. :D
But I will gonna buys for real life, spring cleaning for house, hatsu-moude (refers to the first visit to a shrine or temple in the New Year.) and drawing clothes for sure... so, this blog will not renew till next year. Thank you for this year, and happy new year everyone!

New Outfits:
-Super mini J School : J school outfits with cuted shirts, and mini. You can play with some combination. Got idea while talking with Druidess on Xmass party.

Old Clothes Update:
-Scorpion thong, closed version by requests. Alrady in the updated thongs box.

-Uniform order for chinese restaurant.
-Uniform order for goth night club.

Shop update:
-Intoroducing on InfoNet now on the air.
-Ordaring laptop with Barerose logo for staff and shop.
-Almost furniture replaced to treebee's.
-Pose and dance, and meditation ball added.
-Clean up more.


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