Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jan 3 Update

Lot of requests done, but got some new requests....Since my holiday is finished, gonna slow down to do things, andI hope come to not so busy days again..

New Outfits:
-Winter School - School girl outfits for winter. shirts included for regular summer wear.
-Commando - Got idea from starwars, spec o duster. long camo coat with bikini.
-Camo Pants - For Raffle ball, 6 colors on it.
-Banded Skull - Customer ask me more BDSM clothes, made this one for it. if you dont wear underwear, gonna be bondagelooks. unisex one.
-Lingerie Dress - Some customer ask us only lingerie part as I heard, they need only lingerie but while making, added some parts like ami-ami, hmm..... Lingerie with skirt like ami-ami, with long sleaves and short sleaves version. Color for white and black.
-Satin Doll - Satin material skirts with corset. Trans version incude on it. Made for a customer who gonna get job for model for additional to her profile, but I could not meet her while, so made bikini for her next of this.
-Micro Bikini A - One of customer tell me we just have a swimwear... made two set as additional for it. Basic swimwear with basic color, shirts/pants version there for tattoo. Black, White, Black/White and Trans version. Tintable.
-Micro Bikini B - Check, Camo, and Blue (indigo victorian) pattern for A. to much variation there, so, separated from A.
-Bonji full body Tattoo - 8 gods bonji with full body tattoo, it is specify by born years. Please check note around the box for more detail. Chakra with bonji tattoo aditional on it for mens or who need only tattoo.
-Metal Arms - Request from customer, for cyberpunk outfits like cyborg arm with coat. Metal arms for underwear, shirts, and jackets, so, you can play around the combination. And please note, can not make 'right arm only' one since clothes template not allows, but if I can make prims...I will try sometimes with the texture.

New Furniture:
-Cage Japanese Style - Original animation(to practice) with small cage. Aoife, Thank you for the script.

New Animation/Pose:
-Free gift pose moved to free zone with vendor.

Old Clothes Update:
-Bloody tuxedo: Shirts shows red part on breast, this problem has been fixed.


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Pending Requests:
-Zore's wolf shirts.
-Vamp dress (I wil make this one as kimono for originality).
-Mad-max like outfits for girl.
-Racing suit...

To make for my fun :p :
-Cyborg legs tattoo.
-Neo? bondage like The Spider.
-New goth Lori clothes.
-Native american(India).
-Ancient people outfits.
-Gun-man + Kimono.
-Narse for dancer and goth narse.
-Clothes for babies.
-Goth + Japanese style house.

Store Update:
-Got more land next of our house. we gonna be expand slightly..
I wil make small map after fixed the new store looks by Zore/Lance.
-New year deco
-Give Amber to more space
-Advertisement added for Kelindra.
-Popcorn stand.
-Some gift and foods leave around there.
-Added Note for mirror.
-Done to set up new treebee's place.
-Got free space for advertisement on new mall what building right now.

Pending Plan:
-Expand the Spa or Club.
-Turn skybox to public (connect from spa), how do you think this is good or not?
-Can not get replay from infonet pc builder... rethink another item for some original goods for staff.

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