Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sep 14 Update

Stil busy, wake up on 7AM and back to home close to 0AM this week...and, today is down time for server X) But keep tring to make some itmes.

New Products:
-Tamayura...Neo-Kimono set for much with the oiran hair by request. Tribal and Fire are 2 people noticed me old clothes are open too much for back, so reply the answer with this. Please tell people dont wear clothes skirt with prims skirt, but recomand to wear with some pants or stocking would be match.
-Paladin..Mens armor, thank you for Alan for design help, but yes, prims hate me X). So the price made as 99.
-Black Nymph...While making leather night for girl, its transformed lot, and.. hmm the looks result. got idea to use sheer wings to skirt so changed the concept.

Some idea but havent time to do... but will working for them.
-Full body chain mail (Full body stocking + fantasy. Ladies, based texture part are done)
-Black fung or Scale coat for mens for this week.
-Timeless bed.
-Pirate outfits for Sep, 19 event by Naomi, would be work for this weekend with some variations
-One of japanese singer like outfits from Tori's request.
-Koi Fish Tattoo (from request)
-And some requests remain from last week still...
-Free items for weekly event by Van.
-One of RL Company outfits, Made prototype from Air Rider. waiting to reply for she asked her boss to allows use the logo.
-Free outfits for Furnation event, the event is happen on next month, so low priolity at this time.

-3 of greeters joined us :D, Caliah Lyon / Lori Nori. The APS starting broken by too much people on list, so deleted some people not showing much on SL without notice. If they come back and curious about that, please send them to me.
-One of customer ask me to the old cage dragon places on store again, will looking for check the place on SIM...
-Our greeter, Calen Sol suggest me to change mens(possible to womens too) fitting room more nice, If you have any idea, please let me know, Maybe confortable room is nice instead of simple skybox.

-jayjay talamsca is join as our DJ!
-Deacon's DJ time is shift to every Satruday 8PM to 11PM. and he got married! yayyy congrat! Also He suggest me about tip jar system, Zore looking for it.

Added new bed and gifts from friends.

-Van's event for today.

-Got offer to make our website, Tori looking for the project.
-Got offerd to donate for TUI NEOphytes School. Zore and Hina looking for it.


Blogger Bagu said...

I would love to make a website that shows pictures of every package box the store has on display, plus I could put the store map there as well.

Basically all you'd need to do it send me all the textures of the boxes. For example, send me a zip file of all the men's section and a zip for the women's section.

Plus I could break it down based on location in the store (which section is each area).

10:16 AM  
Blogger Bagu said...

Whoops... plus I could also link Tori's page on it as well.

10:17 AM  
Blogger June Dion said...

ooo you looks like SL Bagu :p
As I mention, since 500 items there so very hard to do make catalog on web I guess... Yes Tori working for new relese items :)

3:25 AM  

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