Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 18 Update

News here, we got SIM finaly :) I will starting to decorate slowly with spend one month,
But I will try to release least 4 clothrs for every week.

So, New SIM opening event and B@R one year birthday event is Aug. 19 for plan.

New Products:
-V-Stripe...Colorfull halter casual with hot pants.
-Fallen Star...Goth + fantasy, a rmor type suit with flex vail.
-Death Dealer...Mens version of Osaka 2069 but heavy metal looks.
-Battle Robe...Mens Flex robe.
-GL Dress...Goth lori dress with flex skirt and variations of tops.
-Yoruichi...Special Raffle trade item.
-Summer Dragon...Regular Raffle item.

-Flex/Color changer Mafler for Golden Fung by request, free update for customer.
-Osaka 2069 jacket what fixed seems. Ask to Tori and Hina to get them. I found problem on side of body X) but the problem was line on arms.
-Yellow Osaka 2069 by request, not included on box, and it going to be special version for less confuse since I just update it, but if any of you guys need.
-Deleted White Ouendan skirt and Blue Ouendan shirts. It was made by request but people asking me full set of them sometime.

Shop Update:
-Odoriko is join as our dancer (Also Kristie and Ryyan joined to B@R group as SWG friends, to learn building on our property). They are my one of old friend from SWG and care me lot. She is friend of Aoife and Seiren by chance on MXO, so some of them know her I guess. And she was one of best dancer, in other words, she has nice conversation skill with people.

-Got 22k what our best on saturday and sanday, thank you very much. :)
-For this week, weekly event by Naomi(Story Teling), Van(Thema Event) and Hina(Name That Game).


Blogger June Dion said...

Regon, Estate name is Bare Rose for additional infomation. Isloand type is 2. Location (X,Y) is 1050, 1010 for additioanl infomations.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Vannesh said...

That's fantastic news June, but how long before you design so many clothes that you will need two sims? :)

Seriously, great news! Yay for Bare@Rose!

6:29 AM  
Blogger Tori Heart said...

Cant wait to move in this is fantastic and we should have some good low lag finally! Grats June!

8:31 AM  
Blogger June Dion said...

Thank you X) And SIM itself is available today, I will set access for BR group, so you can use there as low lag sandbox while. :p

1:53 AM  

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