Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 29 Update

Easy infomation for important things, and sorry for keep less infomation X)
Just ask me if you have questions. :)

Products Update:
-Evil Eyes blue version added, alrady sent to custoemr who bought it.
-Fixed shoulder seams of Sexy Fire, replaced one what included in the box. Let me know if you need the update.
-Monk Grey version made by request.
-Jacket version of Summer School Vest made by request.

Shop Update:
-Ami is leave B@R works and starting dancers works on club. Thank you for long time to help us. We will waiting her to back as old home. :)
-Cirga Control is join for our DJ and will do event called Name of the game. Infomation board will come later!
-Tori placed her vendor on east wall.
-Divinity extend greeter program on more month, and she placed her vendor on Serene Settings.
-Deacon Dimsum is join for our DJ, Saturday 7PM-10PM is his show time.
-Yumi Darkes is Join for greeter, One more person will join for gretter, Hina will interview her.

-Joined to Transilvania Goth Mall with goth clothes.
-Joined to Tenshiko's Private mall with casual line clothes.
-Getting offer from Barbie Club new mall. I Will talk in this weekend with owner.
-Getting offer from House of Blade. Hina/Ely selected items to place, will along it. I will make special clothes what only for sale on HoB.
-Renew Raibow Tiger Vendor.

-Second Style Fashionista ... Writer is Iris Ophelia, who was being helping us as greeter :) She is intoroduce Leather Prince on latest Metaverse magazine.
-The Man Factory - Seventh Edition ...

-Van's Sport event on this saturday. Let me know if you have idea what is good for free items. :)
-Hina's Raffle event on this frieday, we have euro time as usualy. We will have Yoichi (from Bleach) outfits for event clothes, Simple Flex skirt for raffle.


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