Friday, May 19, 2006

May 19 Update

Busy in rl bit and still my right arm getting hurt X) So lot of type miss here so sorry...

New Products:
-Mika...Goth Lori/casual girls wear. Black and Brown.
-Prisoner...This weeks goth, BDSM taste outfits.
-Howling Wolf...New Raffle ball item for the event.
-Samrai Island...Free clothes for Esprite, he will using for free clothes for his event. He gave me dagger to use for raffle outfits. Will out with it next time.

-Raffle Ball event will happen on May 20 too, becouse euro people ask us to hard to get time zone for it. I will do host this time. Yokiko will do DJ for the euro time. Hina asking to Sil for friday.

Shop Update:
-Page joined to our greeter, mentor is Naomi-sensei. We can have another 2 greeter.
-Casandra Jackson will join to vendor wall who was reserved before.
-Customer asked about InfoNet terminal, placed again and checking lag...

-Samurai Island offer us vendor space on House of Blade, will talk KatanaBlade later.

-Deamon horn by order.
-Tiny outfits by Naomi chan.
-Storyline event space
-Executioner, new mens goth. almost done.


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