Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12 Update

New Products:
-Maihime...Shoes, Girl's red shoes with japanese style.My first girl shoes!
-Coat of Dark Force...Jedi like long coat, got request before 3 month ago or so... X)
-Snake Charmer...Turkish belly dance clothes with arm band.
-Goth Baby...Made for Nicoletto, will not sale. If you want baby, please let me know but since he has my blood, not so handsome :p
-Clothes exchange token... A panel what to exchange with 5 clothes, not for sale, just give for prize like Miss contest on this month.
-Gay Pride 2006 Tops for mens/girls. Black leatehr style for both. This event is festival for gay, les, bi in all of SL, its being continue from 2004, when SL is starting as I heard. These T-shirts are free for give away who attend the event. Gave to helper of the event alrady. We will help them to put sign on store when the event come close(July).

Shop Update:
-Divinity will join to our greeter. past bit 3 month more but would be ok.
-Offer from Heave Above Cloud (Sasha Lightworker) mall for freebee. I will supply free T shirts to them.
-Tygeria Mirabeau ask me donete for her club.
-Raven Latrell / Misha Eusebio / Iris Ophelia are done for greeter cycle, I will tell them about that with thank. :)

-Training wear for boys and girls for the event.
-From Shy Mathys: white snake charmer outfit that has a skirt with a back
-From Laura Luan:take pentagram off the wicca dress.
-Streak, new girls clothes with swim wear.
-Griffon, mens armor.

-School event on this weekend, I might be sleeping or doing house thing but have fun. X)


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