Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28 Update

Talked with Zore, her computer is broken again, so, can not login while. X( (She was login MSN from friend's computer) However, she is seems to be good, better then broken her health. :) Hope to see her again soon.

Hina going hospital till next wends day. so we ca not meet her while... Hope she getting better soon. :)

As tell you guys before, Im going to my home town, so, can not help for some trouble quickly.
I will send you guys payment to who fixed of it this morning on your time.

So, enjoy quiet week end :p

-House Guard...Adjusting last detail, amost done, Army like mens outfits. Thank you for the name Naomi chan!
-Thick Band...Girls club Wear, almost done too.
-Wolf clothes for Van's event.
-Nightstalker...This week's goth. I donno I can done it tonight though...
-Furry's shoes
-Blue kimono...asking detail for the request.

Shop Update:
-On Wolof, If the SIM FPS is 20-30 around(Ctrl+alt+1 to see), Repot to linden for check there please. You can use Help -> Live Help to ask them.


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