Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 11 Update

New Products:
Lily Clan...This weeks goth, lily print on back. 3 variation included.
Summer Dreams...Cheep regular casual for new player. Price is low, I will keep make something like this line.
Chonmage...First mens hair, chanmage is samurai hair style as japanese. Not tradional but urban to be.
Metal Bikini...Outfits from Starwars, About '3D render', I used prim thing on another softwear, and made metal part from scratch like Chrono sotrm, Eye Cry. As result, looks clean and bette, but less realistic bit though.
Pirats Coat..Request from Bodih's friend, leather coat with prats taste printing.
Commando (Boy)...Boys version of commando. Colors are much with raffle ball pants. I think Bodhi's friend asked me long time ago... But no hat.
Bare Black...Raffle ball item, Cubism method used. but failed, can not catch up my talent. :p

-Butterfly of Night...Revealing goth dress.
-Shooting Star...New revealing catsuit.
-Swimwear...starting to make few till summer.
-Business suit for girl
-Blue sash for city of vamp by request.
-Orochimaru from Naruto, Hina considering to make prim sash, will make outfits if she could.

-Shop update:
-New greeter program starting. Thank you for Ami chan to fix the document. :)There is mentor for who assign, Misha for me.
-Raven Latrell (Mentor Ami)/Iris Ophelia (Mentor for Sorako) join to our greetor,
-Simon Glass is pending for greeter, Mentor is Hina.
-Two Wrestling animation on dance floor, also some animation added on store and Sharrow Dream.
-Removed black dragon, infonet system for reduce lag if its help..
-Added newbe instruction about 'box on head'. You can get jork item from the note.
-Fixed time for DJs are changed, please reffer to sign/poster under the DJ booth.
-Dallas intoroduce me to get own stream server, I will ask to them
-Popular items for last weekend (April 8 and 9)
1) Metal Bikini 15
2) Trival Gakuran/Black Lotus 12
3) Pirate Coat 11
4) Crusader (Lady)/Chanmage 10
5) Batsu/Summer Dreams 9
6) Demon's Bride 8
7) Simple Black/Baron of The Orient/Genbu 7

-Raffle ball trade on April 14, Host by Hina, DJ for Cirga. bocked with Silious's time, so she is talked with her to shift the time.


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