Monday, April 10, 2006

Greeter program

Here is BR greeter program for detail, send to some staff alrady,

If you can find people who is good for to do this work, you can give them to the text to them and intervew (like be sure again the rules and behavior) for her/him. After that, tell me her/his name to me. You should be for his/her mentor and teach her/him about store what you can see on body of the document. I can not definite answer but if people good enough, ask to work after past one month to him/her if they do good enough.

Additional note:

(April 11 Edited for ver 1.1, some discription not on body to keep easy document.)
*They can work 24/7 ... but tell them dont use like camp chair like AFK staying.
*For 5 clothes , if they bought all of clothes, I will refund 700 for it or they can wait till release new clothes.
*Staff can ask help for work to greeter, especialy their Mentor. If you want to help long term, tell to the Mentor who helping them about that.
*They can not place tip jar.
*L$50 for an hour for payment.

*Greeter program is not open on pubric, to reduce time for our staff.
*For additional, age limitation is country for adult contents, becouse few nudity around on store... In japan, 18, Canada for 19, I heard 19 to 21 on US...
*Ask them hide his/her group tag if they go another place as they for avoid confuse.

On April 11, we have 4 greeters, so we have more 2 right now.

BR Greeter Program (Ver 1.1) :

-What is the role of the Greeter?
The overall role of the Greeter is greeting all people who come to our store. You do not need to know very much about our store. You just need to talk to the customers like you would chat in a club, and help our staff. Basically, this program is to give a job opprotunity for people who are starting SL. You do not need to stay here all the time, you can explore the SL world at your leisure. :)

-Who can enter this program?
Some rules are:
1) People Who have not passed 3 months in world since their SL birthday.
2) 18 to 21(Depend on your living place what allows to adult contents) or higher in real life age, since the shop is in a mature area.
3) Who likes chatting with people.
4) Who can use polite language.
5) 6 greeters is the maximum number at any time.

-How can I join?
Ask our staff to join. Our staff will interview you to make sure you understand and can follow the rules in this document. S/he will gonna be your mentor to explain about store. They will ask the owner of the store and will notify you if you have been accepted.

-How long I can work?
The position is for one month from the date you start.

-What things shall I know at least?
Know the name of our store, and what we sell, just look around the store, and be able to use the teleporter to get around. Besides the store we also have a staff only room, a Spa, and a furniture store. Ask to our staff for a tour.

-How do I get paid?
When you get in the greeter program, June Dion will notify you via IM. You can find the Auto payment system in the store (left of main stage) and click it to clock in. You will get money after you leave the place or after one hour ($L50 for an hour). You can work over an hour for a day. Also, you can get 5 clothes when you start the program. Select any of the Bare@Rose clothes from the store, and IM June Dion for what you would like to get.

-What I shall not do
1) Do not be rude to people. If you find people who are being disruptive, notify our staff.
2) Do not be away from the keyboard for a long time (15min or more).

-Who shall I ask questions or if a guest has a question?
If you get a difficult question, pass it to our staff. You can find out who our staff is by the photos on the wall at the center of our HQ store. Please look around the store first, you might be able find Bare@Rose tagged people, half of them are staff (but half of them are vendors who sell items in the store). If no one is there, you can IM them, or use B@R Greeter group chat.


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