Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10 Update

New Products:
-Dream Weaver...Black Dress with star and moon hole on breast. mini and long skirt included.
-Simple Black...Lot of guys loves simple black suit, so, made this.
-Red Alert...Goth dress... hmmm no comment for it X).
-Byakko...White tiger coat, for male mainly. Byakko is white tiger, one of gurdian of china legend, friend of Genbu. Seiryu, and Suzaku will coming later as male outfits...
-Green Ninjya...Give away outfits for Pheonix spa.

Shop update:
-We got Feb DIA again. thank you every one :D, pay back to staff as this week's payment.
-The payment system working, but its seems to be give more then one hour payment though if touch again, I will adjust them this weekend...
-Naomi chan out of town about two weeks becouse busy in real life. But she will come to online few time when she got time. hope to meet her again more soon. :)
-Lance/Zore/Hina done for furniture place, possible to open on this weekend.

-Yuffy from final fantasy, from Tizzy
-Keep going to make Angel outftis, request form Drui jewel.
-something goth for mens
-Formal dress, might be come to pics later from who asked me.
-Kamikaze jacket, I donno what this is X) asking her.
-One peace skirt.

Ok, happy weekend every one!


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