Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feb 6

New Products:
-City of Vampire -Goth long leather coat, tradional Dracul shirts. Imagine young vampire who living in big city, you can dont wear shirts and leave it as jacket, would be nice looking I guess.
-Witch - item by poll for fantasy outfits. Comic like shape of clothes. White, Pale pink, Red, Blue. Hat and Staff included, click the diamonds on staff then yoiu can stop particle.
-The Queen of Diamonds - Slip version 2, White with black trim, White, Black, Red, Purple included.
-Aizen Vest - Neo Rider, Japanese + heard leather design. Black/Red vest included.-Van Healthing's outfits - Made for Lance's B-day gift, request by Zore, She is working for prims parts.
-Black/Red Slip & Kaze - Made for Ami chan's event as give away.
-Pheonix Rider - Made for Pheonix Spa, give away on the event.

Valentine Raffle:
Limited edition for V-day. these clothes are not go in Raffle ball afther the day. Not so much to specifies, good, so dont need to do model for this but I didnt add staff for this ball, you can get or please give away another if you dont like. X)
-Heart Kimono - Womens, Old Black kimono with Heart print.
-Kang Fu - Mens, Black Kang Fu fighting with V logo what on our store as sign.
-Paw Shirts - Womens, Shirts with paw + heart print, good for furry.
-Dragon Heart - Mens, Shirts with dragon heart print.

Clothes Update:
-White Meow - White version of black meow, just made for fun, not adjusted texture, so, not going to add for black meow. give them as free if people asked.
-Black Tattoo Lace - Shirts adjusted, becouse one of customer AV is showing bits with the shirts,,, Added to the box.

-More Fantasy clothes.. No idea at this time. X)
-Wolf Tee Shirts for Lance's B-day event.
-Asian Tan skin with old tattoo by Roen's order, I couldnt find texture, so, can not do that...

Shop Update:
-Valentine Raffle ball added on shp and Sharrow dream.
-Poll has been reset, new poll starting.-Postbox system now working. :D But only work for box, so, please pick up from there. Any better idea about this, please let me know.
-Moved Tattoo to oposit side, and made one more row for mens outfits. Tattoo will move to around Fitting room when removed there, and Im forget to do that in this weekend again. X(

Shallow Dream:
-Added V-Day raffle, 300 sec like regular too.
-Ami will join for the job.


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