Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan 25 Update

Event Support:

I will support your event if you have planning on store or spa, to make fun for our customer and our self. :) here is what I can do for you..

-Give you additional payment for the management.. 1000 is good enough I think.

-Make special clothes to give away, another color version of any clothes alrady out is good to me. :p

-I will pay for prize and DJ payment if you need. but not so much please. X)

-Change time of the item raffle ball for event.

-Lend you Contest Wizard.

-Change layout for store while the event.

-Add to event list and make sign for you to place on our store.

Any of our staff can do, and please to do :D If your friend want to lend our place, just ask me. But one event per one week please as you can possible, becouse we have lot of club owner/person as customer and friends, so, not so good to do of events lot to take some people from them, I think just a event for a week would be good term. And please dont care if I can attend or not. Becouse guest is first for us, tailor is supporting work anytime, main actor is guest who wear our clothes. :) And I will give you copiable clothes for the event if I cant attend. Please leave here comments if you have any idea, Oh, and tell me if your birthday is come close. :)

New Products:

-Full Body Cat Suit- hurly's request. Its skin, becouse full head mask on it. So, can not change the cosme on face... 3 colors bundle.

-Kung Fu Girl -Tizzy's request. Red and blue color, and short sleaves version of the Kung fu fighting.

-Trans Version of Crystal Angel - not to sale on store, maybe put on catsle with skins. Harf trans of the wings are looks good (you can modify it on normal wings to transparent version)... but naughty for body bit. :p


Vannesh has event on this weekend on our store!


-Sign for Van's event.

-Sign for Hina(She dont like the photo, I know its sometime happen :p) and Ely on spa.

-Customize for Asian skin for Aoife.

-Kelindra's request, Asian skin + Crystal angel.


-Another Armor


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