Friday, January 13, 2006

Jan 13 Update

New Products:
-Black Bunny - Goth? bunny Girl outfits with ears and tail, or if you havent, cant see as bunny. X) Used template from night wings. I maid jacket but its does not cover inner legs so, doesnt work for this outfits...
-One piece - Simple goth lori like one piece. Match for young girl shape who havent big boob, Just for one of more selection for simple outfits, and what I want. X) Transparent slightly breast part and bottom of the skirt, white and black. Since shirts can modify so, you can remove the ribbon on neck, anc replace to the choker thats updated.

Clothes Update:
-Choker -Made choker with cross (twinkle script on it) version, and puted on the box, also changed the image. Match with the one piece.

Shop Update:
Placed Roppongi club event poster for today. I might be make quick clothes becouse the event if I have time and idea tonight...

Pending Idea:-Gun hole

Ok, Happy weekend!


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