Tuesday, January 10, 2006

JAN 10 Update

New Outfits:
-Night Wings -Standerd goth vampire outfits with wings. Also made high legs outfits template for feature (It was heard part....but got some possiblity).
- Cyborg Legs Pants -Pants for Metal Arms, unisex. I made pants and under version but also catsuit pants with chrome high lights.
- Gun Smith - Mad-max+Western+Anime logo thats what customer give me keywords... this is my answer, but Im still curious about how should I did...
-Wolf Arms - Another customer's keywords, Wold+Native american, this is my answer.. Fur arms with indian outfits.
-Goth Nurse - Goth style nurse was on the list, set as red crosses and black crosses.-Lori Dolly - Lori outfits with 4 colors of dress by request.
-Baby Goth Dolly - Lori Dolly for kids AVs(my first attempt) with cat printed and drawers. My cat, not so cute & evil. X)

-Medical Eyepatch - New eyepatch, but medical one for goth lori style.
-Wolf cub doll -First made dolls for practice, but 42 prims... two colors.
-Cyborg eye - Made for parcile practice, but faild so, sleeping in my inventory...

Free Items:
-Shi - Simple charactor tattoo for back. made by request.
-Two Cami - moved to free items area.

Outfits Update:
-Lori Dolly - 2 requests got for full white lori, puted on the box.
-Goth Wings -Made White version for tintable, on box.
-Fix the box name for Chrono storm and Matrx
i-ALl of skins are prices down to harf.
-Camo pants (Raffle ball item) possible to buy by another from who won it, fixed.

Store Update:
-Ginko ATM - By request from customer, placed ginko ATM front of the shop with infonet like infomation center. You can make account easily.
-Raffle Ball Prize List - Click the panel on the ball, you can get the list for current.-Teleporter - Did not works well, changed script.
-Dance Floor - Keep changing to be good more.
-Fixed spam from pose sale vendor.
-Places Fireflies on spa.
-Hina places her friend sign and made simple board for back of them.

-Update - Spa/Bed/Chair

Pending Projects:
-Mens thong from Ashadan.-Simple india monk
-Geta and Warazi (Lot of people asking us...)
-Harf Dragon(Prims, particle, leave for fashion show)

Pending Plan:
-Club Repubric offer us free vendor place, and Fashion show for grand opening event. Hmm I will talk with them anyway. Zore seems to be god heavy sickness X( or busy (this is best) so if some one can management about this, please let me know.

Other infomation:
-MTV good AV contest starting the registration, ask Ami for detail or check on web, I hope some one won with BR clothes. :D Since I am a tailor, secondry role, so, just send cheer for you guys. :)


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