Friday, January 06, 2006

Jan 6 Update

No blog update till next monday but our shop!

New Outfits:
-Orchis - Made from faild vampire kimono, white and black version there, with orchis points on neck and hips. gonna cheep like 50 but got good models so looks better now. :p
-Chisui hime - for raffle ball. Its faild one what I mention... Chi is Blood, Sui is suck, Hime is princess. easy mean, becouse its japanese style, use japanese to avoid to get imagine euro vampire looks. To who know japanese well, Kyu-ketsu-ki is normaly to say, but use Chinese‚Äźderived pronunciation like this, its turn to be more poetic phrasing and dont give image the traditional vampire to Japanese either, since we have japanese customer too...
-Kanji Yukata - not out on shop. Made for Kei, Repub-rik club. copy gives away to them, they offer it for advertisement on radio ( 2 station ) on live and sign to place there. B/W as tintable becouse they need lot color.

-Goth narse got more priolity by Amber.
-Goth lori outfits. Accelo Skye.
-More detail comes for the mad-max outfits.
-Camo tops. Maybe another color version of the Bomb camo.

-Question, We need partition for vendor place for staff? dont care as my self, and you can decorate more good for your taste. :)
-Kami might be need put her dress for seling again, please help her when she ask you guys.

Branch Shop:
-Friend know me my 2nd shop ( I sat up there before I got own land) on shamrock mall has old clothes, clean up them and put new things there since 60days remain for rental. Yes, Im forget about the shop and lost landmark till yesterday. X) So.. can not add more branch becouse my memories limitation.

-Done to contract with Dreamland Radio for 3 month, asked them to discount for long term contract then come true. :D Thank you Billy. Dont blame me.. just fun to listen the ad. on voice for me. :p

-Ami&Naomi gonna do party for there house warming party.
-Vivi's Birthday Party.

To do:
Need to check Queen V for grey and blue one. if I cant recover, remove the color from the box..

Happy weekend. :D


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