Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jan 12 Update

Shop Update:
-We won one of Developer Incentive Award for December 2005!Thank you for every one, I got some money form linden, I will pay back as payment to you our staff for help( who isnt not take payment, I will send you money anyway on this saturday) , and Zore's computer has broeken, so I will give her another to help for fix it. To thanks for our customer, (yes, this is our main purpose!) we will have party on 20/21 on this month. So, I will make give away clothes on this weekend and starting announce with contents.

-Ami chan having party on Feb 11. Best black clothes contest on our store. (Please correct me if I mistaken X) ) Please help her if she need help, Im ready to help to make give away clothes if she need. :)

-Starting to make some V-day gift from end of this month. no idea at this time, something with heart symbol, but people make smile. :)

-One peace dress-Cheer girl- Request by Aoife, need testing to make fluffy things on hands (how do I say?) by particles.
-Rain coat
-Formal school wear in japan (request from a customer)


Blogger Ami Kawabata said...

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4:32 PM  
Blogger Ami Kawabata said...

The part is actually being planned for Friday Feb 10 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM SL time. The contest will be "Sexiest in red & black."

4:36 PM  

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