Wednesday, January 11, 2006

JAN 11 Update

No new outfits!

Minor Update:
-Made jacket version of Night Wings for testing, its coverd bottom thong. More possiblity for combination of outfits I guess, this will good combination with catsuit like Chakra. I will make the jacket when I made this sort of outfits. Not so much big things, so just put in the box and do not put update, but if some one ask me, I will send them.

Shop Update:
-Naomi-chan is now Senior Assistant, She can invite to group for vendor and such.
-Lacey will take rest to come SL. She can come back works anytime when she can.
-Skins are removed from shop. Here is long story, customer gave me free skin to me yesterday, and I noticed that was skin what I seling X) lol! Yes, I was seling copiable version, becouse I made the skin when I starting SL, so, did not know how the check box are works. X) So, I dont like to make people disapointment, who bought them, so, remove them once.
I made new skins template last year what not out to shop, its from high resolution anatomy images (cost me $100 :p). Need adjust bit though... I wil make asian based Whitex2/Gothx2/Tanx2/Yellowx2/Darkelfx2, and demo skin for each kind of skin if I have time. Old skins will gonna freebee area, and give to update who bought old skin from us to new one. My skin is not so good I know, but this plan's main purpose is support for customersr who is being us. Anyway, I cant touch the images till Im alone in house. :p so, not so soon to be done.

So, time line is..:
1. Remove Skins from shop (done).
2. Make 10 skins.
3. All skins out to shop at once. I will not put front of the shop, just put the purple room without notice.
4. Make a free skin box and put old skins and place to free area. And prim with notice(free upgrade for skins) will be place to free area and skin room.
Any comments are welcome. :)

Branch Store:
-Doley mall starting re-build, so remove the items once and place again on this friday. They are gave me free period for rent, and duble of space, duble of prims. :D

-One of Doley SIM's owner asked me if some one who can running the club as owner. Its goth style, They are thinking just leave the place, so need to be someone who can management. If some of your friend intrest about it, I wil introduce him. And If you working on BR, and like to start the business, I will willing to help you as business partner!


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