Monday, January 16, 2006

Jan 16 Update


-We have not to much time to do that, so no event this time, Im sorry. X) But Ami chan's event going, so, please help her if she need also I will. :) After she got DJ, she will fixed all of infomation. And Im starting looking for how to make Gift Certification card for our shop, people ask me frequently, and good to give away on event since they can select item what they like.

-Japanese School on this weekend (lot of people asked me too...) , How to read Katakana for this time, 1 hour event. I
will do teacher, but asking to sophie right now.

New Products:

- Killer Bunny - Made for me to go horror event by sophie. Re-think original name of black bunny and added hands &
foots prims.

- J School Swimwear - One-Piece type Swimwear with some color variations. Hmm to much open hips I guess. X)

- Asian Skin Whit/Asian Skin Tan/White Goth Skin/Darkelf Skin - Replace for old skins what I mention before. Used fully new texture, and adjust as I can possible, but still not good like other :p. All skins has cheeks (as cosmetic) and 3 variation of lip color or tattoo. Also Demo version available for each skins like another. Old Skins are going to freebe now except white and tan (I will add them later). Free upgrade to who bought old skins.

- Rain Coat - Transparent coat, from pending project. 5 color jackets and 2 color unders. I think good with long pants as casual.

- Mens Boxer - Ashadan asked me mens thong and he made as his self, but I think we need male underwear too as

- High Slip - Leather looks High Slipe dress for raffle ball.

Clothes Update:

- Black Bunny - Two request I got, without stocking version and black collar version, all of them changed and puted on box, no sign for update becouse too minor and not so much people need it in my opinion.

Shop Update:

- Placed notice sigh to get list for the raffle ball.

- Jewelry shop guy who living is same SIM asked us put sign. Done.

- Moved spa on roof to new place. Teleporter still not changes though.

- Ami chan puted money raffle ball.

Request and To do:

- Request: Cowgirl, request from Ami chan.

- Request: BR version of Fantasy outfits, game called ragnarock(?)

- Request: BR version of Villian in Final Fantasty Advent Children (Drakneir Yellowknife)

- Add 1968(Dainichi Nyorai) to the bonji tattoo note becouse lacked, also whatall of the god keeping.

- Sign for Celestial Designs(Hina)

My Projects:

- Pixie

- One Pieae swimwear

Shallow Dream:

- Got extra land ins Wolof and making spa/massage area. I will put sign and teleporter after done the works.


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