Friday, January 20, 2006

Jan 20 Update

New Product:
-Tied Kitty- Made by request, the request was only for ear and tail, but made as outfits. Not sent to staff becouse I went sleep X) I will send you guys as soon as possible when I got time.

-Boxer outfits for girl (Druid)
-Marmeid (VampireErotica)
-Xha's request

Sharrow Dream:
-sophie /Van are now work as massagist, also Hina and me. If you have intresting to work there, please let me know. Place photo and online indicate and guest will Im you for work, Its Tips base. Send you detail for explain to all of staff later.

Shop update:
-Place japanese school poster, sophie will do teacher this time. posted to forum / event list also.
-Place to sophie's party at roppongi club.

Thats it for today, Happy weekend!


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