Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jan 19 Update

I cought a cold X(.

New Outfits:

-Sister Zora -Goth and sister style outfits, High Slip is based. cap and pose for pray included. Zora is no mean there. Just put for sounds. Pose and cap included.

-Simple cat suit -Simple version of cat suit with new texture, onr of experimentation for new outfits.

-Father Magna -Feather style outfits, Pose, cap hammer are included.

-Kang Fu Fighting -Made by request, simple kang fu suit.

-Quick Draw -Cowgirl, request from Ami chan, asking her take shot, or give away on her event(or anyother Black/Read outfits from old or new?), waiting for her answer. Anyway made 2 caps for latest but I can not make good looking cowboy cap. if some one can help it...-BR 512-Casual top and pants, from old store what I miss to placed. Forget outftis box name so remaked it, and sale cheep like 15.


- Sign for Celestial Designs(Hina)

- Ami chan's event poster

- Camo top, from old clothes, on freebee.

Shop Update:

-Hina making all of outfits list, soon to be come!

Shallow Dream:

-Show on Find menu.-Teleporter has open.

-Added Raffle ball, Free gown, BR towel, Naomi-chan's gift.

-Changed texture for floor.


-Ami chan's event outfits (placed to top preference when I got her rqeust)

-Formal school outfits for japanese school (2nd preference, its filled another ruquest for customer)

-kitty slave.

-Bodhi's request.

-Hooded witch (test making).

-Need add more stuff to Droly vendor by owners request.

Pending Event:

-Japanese School, talking with sophie right for teacher. Linden starting to help education event, so, if you planning sort of that event, please use shop or spa, I or Hina will change layout for you.


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