Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jan 24 Update

New Product:

-Gecko Raider-black leather outfits with patched skirt. was not pending list, becouse I got idea soon. when I starting to make clothes. X) I found rider is right for spelling after done all of works, but seems to be raider is works for the outftis and gecko too.. no?


-Harf transparency Crystal Angel, reqest from Kelindra.

-Rider suit for girl by customers request.

-About order from Itsuware Kawabata(Ninjya girl), pass to Lauren Canetti for the work.


-Linden Lab. gave me additional few money more, becouse they miss to caliculate for the award.

-Moving Skins (free one included) to the catsle, becouse Im thinking bit shame for me to sale for everyone. :p You can tell them to got to catsle to buy them still if anyone ask, and I will remove skin sign for cradfiled note too, and the making fitting room more comfortable, I will make the space on next of spa, or new sky box.


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