Friday, February 03, 2006

Feb 3 Update

Sorry was no time becouse real life issue, so send to you guys for these new products, I will send you guys this morning with a new outfits. Also if you need products update too, please let me know.

New Products:
-Queen Bee- How I can say... sort of goth outfits with insect wings. Kanji symbol mean 'Bee'. I made rifle for the outfits but made from freebee and not good design :p , so, not included on the box. I will give to Assistants and person apply by all of outfits for copiable version in the folder so give away to customer who'd like it please.
-Koakuma- Lori outfits, 3 colors. Peti devil is that mean in japanese, cant get good name fot the outfits so. X)

Products Update:
-Stripe Gloves/Socks - The box had not Black/White Gloves, added on the box.
-Black Meow - Design changed bit for while of outfits, also added cats eyes(for eyes it self). I will send this new one to Assistants.

Store Update:
-Few V-day decorations.
-Starting to test item distribution script what a guy made for us (He will starting to sale the script later) . Its destribution item to all of guys automaticaly who on the list. To put the list, I will need parsonal key for each other, its soon to be done if you just touch a box. I will ask you guye when we done for the testing.

-Purple Sister for Kelindra, alrady done, just need upload.
-Fantasy won the poll again... hmm maybe boys/girls wizard outfits for this weekend, but I wil make a goth too. after made them, clear the list and put hovering text on the poll bar for the result.
-Ami chans event outfits for this weekend.
-Something for Lance B-day.
-Pheonix event outfits. (Night Rider arrenged)
-V-day outfits.

Happy weekend!


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