Monday, January 30, 2006

Jan 31 Update

New Products:
-Deamon Hunter -Long coat, bit kids comic hero like. It used dainasore hide for material, to be looks like made from deamons hide. red and black version on it.
-Halter-Open back halter, what I mention as Kintaro cami as japanese. :p
-Night Rider- New raffle ball item as mens. made from free jacket on Van's event and gecko raider pants. top and pants only.-underwear for Loranna, I will gather them with any other casual outfits.

Shop Update:
-Making shop infomation note card right now. Im thinking special apply as jobin our shop for new player. detail wil coming later.
-Vendor offer from rosalyn Giles.

-Bristhday gift for our VIP (from Erotica Strangelove)
-Van Helsing outfits, request from Zore or wolf cake for Lance's birthday, still talking about it.
-Harf Cat.-Still continue to works for Alex..


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