Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jan 30 Update

-Thank you for Van, was good event, we got 5000 extra trafics the day. :)
- Zore planning Lance's birthday party on Feb 6. Its close to Ami-chan7s event but this is Birthday party, so, This is special as I thinking. And what ask you guys your birthday. :) More detail will come from her.
- Ami chan's event - Placed on Linden event page:
B/R Slip and Kaze will coming early of the week, so, hold on please. :)

New Products:
-Plate Armor - Boys version of the Leatehr Armor, same variation of girls one but no open version there, black version made as dark blue instead of complete black, maybe boys like the color...
-Royal Armor - Mens versin of the Armor. I think this is these 3 armors is finished while for fantasy outfits request.
-Anthem - Wedding dress from Dru's request. Tintable like Ageha so you can change it to any colors. Dress prims are blinking, click on then off, again then on.
-Low Rise - Casual, made for me. :p 3 color of pants, 5 colors of top, and a pantie.
-Cheer Girl -Request form Aoife and anoher customer, aslo sophie and some japanese made succor stadium. 3 cololors combination. Tried to the design to uniqe as I can but keep cheer girl looking. Pom pon is brinling, but looks bad X) so assking to Dru if she can make particle one.
-Trival tattoo for sophie, since with her name on it, exclusive for her.
-Leather goth jacket - Mede for Van's event. I will make free clothes from the jacket.
-Wolf fur chair -Lace Wings going to free, so made quick it to replace the place.-Small customization on Yakuza girl tattoo for Alex.
-No under hair skin for Aoife/Kel, its too naughty! X) So, I will dont sale.
Store update:
-Removed some items considering not so used to keep lower the lag (See lag issu part).

-New Dance machine! Becouse no wan noticed about old ball. And on new one, you can select dance. almost dance is uniqe and nice one, still some space for replace so let me know if you have nice dance or cheer girls motion. Also Mobile phone motion (usefull when you go away/busy) and karate motion there. whould be fun. :p

-Kissing booth, for V-day! I will change the sign later :)

-Becouse of busy about the solved lag issue and some of things, couldnt touch for fitting room.. I think make more easy one first like currentry one...

Sharrow Dream:
-Some customer asked me sale Raffle ball items,,, Yes, we have close looks item but they still want them. so, im changed the term to 300sec for the ball on Sharrow Dream and there is not so many people all the time. Tell them if they have complain about that and I dont like brake the rule...

Lag issue:

Emmanuelle LaFollett, who living next of our shop asked me remove our object what source of lag. I got 'Lag Finder(Seling on SL Exchange as L$10)' she recomand to me, and checked, then all most item with script are cause by lag... Its is not fun without scripts, but remove them as I can possible.I think its the problem cause Linden, but need to remove lag as we can possible.
Aoife has low lag script for tip jar, please ask her if you can replace, and any advice are welcome to redeuce it. :)

Also Aoife gave me Item list which item is souce of lag on the SIM, 3 Items was ours, removed 2 of them but 1 is left there. Its Ginko ATM. Im talked with GF Ambassador about that. His replay is like this:

GF Ambassador:Our ATMs don't cause any kinda of Sim or client lag, as the only script it runs is through our servers and only when someone uses the ATM.

I have kept all of chat log with another GF people, I will send you if you have intresting.
Another 2 lag generater on Emmanuelle place, She seems to be dont like to remove it but she said she will talk to script maker who made that.
Anyway lets keep our SIM good. :)

-Demon skin or wolf fur long coat.
-Pink/Red underwear like low rise, from Loranna.
-Another casual. Kintarou Cami ( I donno how to say in english, open back widely)
-Dark Elf Queen (Heavy Metal looks)
-Gypsy (without vale, if luck of my skill X) )
-Open back dress.
-Get order about full metal alchemist, tell him about Metal arm and intoroduce Lauren Canetti for him..
-Got order about Evengelion suit, tell her some one seling it...

-Angel Ogopogo, her club is open (Club Valkiryer), They are using our clothes for sign. :)


Blogger sophie M. said...

thank you for that tatoos :)
its cool and cute.

SLJapan made a nice stadium for soccer(football) games up near Roppongi club.Im going to have a game at a constant pace about once a month.
your cheer outfit will work there :)

Anyway,we have done an extensive remodeling the Roppongi club,also renamed it to" Roppongi DEUX".
we will have a renewal ceremony at Roppongi on this weekend.
Barerose has been making an active contribution to the club,so of course in gratitude of it,id love the barerose members to join in it on the fun:)
thank you sophie <3

8:17 PM  
Blogger June Dion said...

Soccer was fun but Im too week! I think being one of obstacle for them. :p

Please send me sign for put on our store like everytime. And I hope good success for the party! :D

1:39 AM  

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