Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb 1 Update

Server down tonight for me! so nothing mauchI can do X) also pending works too, bring them to next day.

From the voting from the poll, I will make some goth outfits on weekend then reset it after that as new poll.

If time is meet, I will replace decration for V-day.

New Product:
-Black Meow -Black Kitty ourfits like wearcat like same of wolf arms method.

-V-day decorations
-New Lori while I do not making...
-Something Cyber one, request by Kitty
-Reminder:Yakuza Tattoo for Alex Fitzsimmons, still continue...
-Purple Sister for Kelindra.
-Modefiable crytsal wings for Hel Jezebel, was not modofiable... fixed for white version but I miss to changed red.
-J Schoo symbol for Ami chan. Its Symbol on Blazers and Cheergirl, Give her free copy of the images to use.

Shop update:
-Shop infomation is proofreading by Hina and Zore right now. I will post here after done before out on our shop.
-Asking custome script to a person. That script will distribution new clothes to Assistant staff automaticaly when I put item on the box with script. It would be help to save my time, and to be less to my lot of :p misstake. Also if he can make payment version what I keep mistaking too X). Just waiting to done the work now.

-Gecko for Shane- Made as his birthday gift.


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