Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feb 13 Update

We won one of Developer Incentive Award again! Thank you very much :) .Its lower prize then before but I will feedback this for end of this week to all of our staff like before.

New Products:
  1. -Bloody Hands...Goth, armor like looks, Weapon, Horns are additional. This one for mail but seems to be girl can wear it.
  2. -Last boy...Short vest with some color convination as mens outfits. Trival looks, thought of last boy from one of trival.
  3. -Assasin...Girls version of bloody hands, blindfold and weapons included.
  4. -Tube Top...Casual, Swetter tube top with g-short skirts with some combination.
  5. -Ran...One of outfits from Bleach for girls. 3 combination for tops.
  6. -Hair - Pony Tail...My first hair, twin tail and bang included.
  7. -Hair - Dragon Tail...Another Poni tail line.
Special Products:
-Sccubus Coat...Event give away for Succubus club, Silious is working for hostess Pants is black version of Bloody Taxido as Zore's
-Tiger Tatto Skin...Custom skin for Roen, kanji charactor(Tiger) on back.

Shop Update:
-Ami chan become to one of manager of our shop!
-Elyssa become to Assistant from Dancer.
-Dallas join us for our random DJ, 4 hour as limit for a week. He tried to DJ as testing, He loves hip-hop, but people seems to be
dont like, so told him to another music. I love reggae personaly, :p but just tell him request.

Sharrow Dream:
-Ami joined to the staff.
-Few furniture added.

Furniture Place:
-We got land at next of Sharrow Dream. Zore, Hina and Lance will use there for sale furniture (you can join if you like if you are our staff), and a small restaurant would be put there. Lance is working for build around there. Infomation coming more later. :)

Blanch Shop:
-Vixen got own island, so moved vendor there, They are still working to buliding, so would be take some till opne.

-It was grate success to Ami chan for the event, I heard people waiting to enter at edge of front of our SIM. And sorry for late
again... I was set up radio again..
-Succubus Club starting event with use our clothes.

-Bloody Hands...Added Horns for back.
-Assasin...Pants is not match with top for transparent level, fixed it.
-Hair...Base hair has brown bit, turn it to black. Since easy to adjust it, no update corn there.

-Poster for Van's event.
-Free Clothes for Van's event.
-Goth Maido
-Gith Ninjya
-Fist Figter for mens


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