Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feb 9 Update

Not to much, real life coming buys little bit X)

New Product:
-Yu-Latest outfits from Bleach, shinigami line's kimono. Print one is not on the comic but put as additional.
-Wolf Tee- Made for lance's B-day. sort of free clothes.

-Elf, Maybe out next morning
-Fatima, Angelic type dress, maybe out next morning too.

Coming Ami'chan's event this week.Also Van's event here for next week. :)

Shop Update:
Cigre's radio url will add on the radio channel, you guys can change channel while his event to notice when they are doing event on pheonix spa.

Sharrow Dream:
-Ami chan has been join for the spa staff, her sign is alrady there.


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