Friday, February 24, 2006

Feb 24 Update

Sorry for less update, I cought cold again.. (but good at this time :)) and still busy in rl, maybe next month....

New Products:
-Owl Knight...Mens version for Iron Meiden. 3 color of collor included. I think possible to pair for Witch, becouse owl is subordinate for them on fairytail.
-Vortex...Another version of Owl Knight, cyber version for mens. The kanji said 'keishi chou', its japanese police H.Q. So, future police outfits. :p
-Bandage...BDSM clothes got 3rd on poll, so made this as something uniqe. Bandage with casual outfits. for set. Its good with medical eye-patch.

-Mini Miko..Alrady done, out on japanese school to give away to girls, got this one from Pikaru as order.
-Shinsen gumi...Alrady done, out on japanese school for boys.
-Bike outfits...Alrady made a pants, maybe make top and another color variation.
-Ami chan will do tribia event on Pheonix spa, might be make some free outfits for it.-Buddhist priesthood(india)...Got order from 1month or more before...
-Raven...Goth outfits for this week as my work....
-Got 12 order for furry... but I couldnt do that so pass to another designer. X)

Shop Update:
-Aoife become to Assistant from dancer. She wil cover to euro time, yay!
-Placed nice piano on store, I got some song, so, place there sometime...


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