Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb 20 Update

I hope everyone spending happy holiday time. :)

New Products:
-Iron Maiden...Long goth black coat, weapon and blindhold included like Assasin set. Request from customer, finaly fantasy outfits for girl. I will make mens version later with some arrenge.
-Subtle Stripes...Request from club called Gunbunny. military looks one peace swimwear. Green on for seling on store.
-Gun Bunny Uniform...Yellow version of Subtle Stripes. Placed on property of them to buy anytime for satff of them.
-Zipped Up...Final Fantasy's hero's outfits without armor parts. so, may be do not have copyright... no? X) Anyway, Hina and Zore will making props and hair, gonna be complete when done. After they done, put 3 of them togather to somewear.
-Last Girl...Request from Ely from a animation. trival looks and made it as girls version of Last Boy.
-Equestrian..Request from Wgasa, Riding horse outfits in england, Paddle(changed name to Crop by Chroma's advice) included. Its seling some, so If some one make cap for it...
-Sweet Revenge...My first club wear, One of guest asked us and I couldnt show her right one so.. I will keep make this line with casual too.
-Shade...Dress like blind shade, inner top and under included.
-CoV Vest...Vest for City of Vampire, new raffle ball items.

Shop Update:
-Sorako starting to do Assistant from Dancer, please help her to do the works. :)
-Got small property ( 200m2) for additional in Wolof becouse I had capacity.-Cleaning up unused prims. And resize txture becouse avoid some lags.

-Japanese School coming on this weekend. Thank you sophie-chan for the teacher!Date is Feb 24, 7AM SLT, We will use Sharrow Dream to avoid lag on shop.
-Thank you for the Martine party this time Van, and sorry for I did misstake to set the radio again X). But We are realy enjoy the party with good selection of music of Ashadan. :)

-Mens iron maiden.
-Rider Suits from customer.
-Purple Witch for Kelindra.
-Chain armor and skull outfits from Bodhi's friend, I still need idea for them, give me time...
-Gun Bunny Uniform for male from mens staff for the club.
-Vampire Hunter special edition, its gonna be use for uniform as Djnn's SIM.


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