Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feb 15 Update

Happy V-Day all!!!

New Products:
-Enforcer...Military outfits, named by hurly. 3 colors and hat and pole includead.
-Maid...4 colors standard maid ouftfits.
-Poster for Van's event.

-Tech suit for girl...Request from club called Gunbunny. I will tell them one of shop who making such a style who met on Vixen, but I will try to make one too, will be spend 2 day or more to done since I havent time much till weekend... X)
- Chain Armor...request from bodhi's friend. will try.
-Captain...request from bodhi's friend, maybe make as space pirats.

Shop Update:
-Added Raibow Tiger for our Radio channel.
-We got offer to attend DIA meeting, Hina and Zore will attend there.


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