Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 6 Update

New Products:

  1. -Elements...Fifth Element like outfits by order. good as swiming suit or dance outfits. Green on it.
  2. -Medusa...Dark witch outfits by order, lot of diffarent from original image though...
  3. -Spring Flowers...Lacey top and pants. Underwear as basicaly but possible to be casual. Green on it.
  4. -Open Back...Order from Dragon(my old friend from SWG), Long formal dress but open the back wide. Green color on it.
  5. -Harajyuku Punk 2...Re-build from scratch as new version. Geen on it, since original skirt files is broken, can not make another color anymore,,,
  6. -Black Capricorn...Constellation seriase for male. Used eye blinking script.
  7. -Jerjey...Sports wear with 6 kind of variation. Good for old school rapper style.


  1. -Sign for Van's event and outfits.
  2. -Pheonix spa's outfits.
  3. -Harf Angel outfits from Druid Jewel.
  4. -Simple black jacket for mens.-Leather patched clothes.
  5. -Goth is won on the poll, gonna make some through the week.
  6. -Hina working for newbe guild for shop(how to use camra controll, how to wear clothes and etc..).


-Ami-chans event went well, and sorry for I gone during the event becouse of wedding for friends... By the way, I could'nt answer all questions. X)

-Few people asked me renew party, since thinking layout still, lets planning it after done. Anyway need to set up furniture place, Ami-chan gone for travel so after she back would be nice. :)


  1. -Expand for main shop is done as place,Thank you for Lance, Zore and Hina for help lots, but still thinking to layout, becouse too flat.. myabe some pillar and decoration would be good with unique design what not on SL.
  2. -Made new logo sign. but simple logo is always for us.
  3. -Hide 3 items on store fo sale, Red Armor/Pisatol on Head pose/Kon doll. If someone ask them, find with him/her with fun. :p
  4. -Well done couple table and russian rulet table added.-Naomi chan's band set on floor, till get new layout. :p Thats looks good and people playing with fun with them. :)
  5. -Considering auto payment system for greeter.


-Pink Kunoichi-A by request.


-Akasha Tower(Govindira Galatea) give us free vendor space. Placed items and sign on first level. Thank you very much!


-Got offer of interview from SL Newspaper: Metaverse Messenger(Costus Cela). If decided time to meeting, I will ask to our staff to help who is online the time.-Something need for open place. :p Im thinking to make: 1) VIP Club house(B@R VIP only. special version of item seling like transparent angel, white meaw and such) 2) Event Area, Raffle ball item trade area (Asking Hina for doing the event constantly, pleace for people exchange raffle ball items) 3) Small club: No idea what club would be good. 4) something nice :p


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