Thursday, March 02, 2006

March 2 Update

Starting to make green clothes!

New Product:
-Eye Cry 'Tear of Life'...Goth Dress plus casual combination with a thema of eye tear and roses. As a message, your tears grow your rose.. I know personal poem things are people hate. :p but I was try to made this outfits as poem meets clothes like a picture
with a thema. uh, Dont throw me stones. X)

Shop Update:
-We got harf of SIM of Wolof. Becouse of it, I have planning to expand shop in this weekend. just made shop bigger so without close the shop but some people might be sandwitch by wall while building so bit dengerous. :p

Sharrow Dream:
-Bagu Popinjay join for sharrow dream massager.

-Van's upcoming event here:
I will make free outfits when close the event, or use clothes what used on Ami's.

Keep reducing X)
-Left from Atlantice mall.
-Left from Shamrock mall.
-Doley mall going to rebuild, so removed all of items there.

-Long Baby Doll...combination of baby doll and casual, almost done, maybe out in tomorow morning on SL.
-Genbu..Male outfits for goth+japanese. Genbu is one of tortoise shaped gurdian in japan.
-Fifth element outfits...order from Morigan
-Naughty dark witch...order from Reizo
-Quiz Master...gto idea from Ami chans event, flashy male jacket.
-Green Ninjya...for Pheonix Spa event
-Green Last Boy/Girl...for Ami's event.

-Here is list what best seling item nowadays(especialy Armor, sold 9 on stipend day on last) as old clothes (not on list what I made in a month). Tell guest if they ask recomand :).
Armor/Assasin/Ami-Ami/Black Bunny/Bloody Merry/City of Vampire/Demon's Bride/Fire Doll/Underworld


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