Monday, February 27, 2006

Feb 28

New Products:

  1. -Mini Miko...Kimono for shrine maiden, but mini skirt style, order from Pikaru, it was give away on japanese school.
  2. -Shinsen-gumi...Kimono from a samurai clan called Shinsen-gumi, famouse outfits in Japan. it was give away on japanese school.
  3. -Raven...Harf raven outfits, wings and helmet included. Made weapon too but not so good looks so canceled... not good enough prims work, so put on the wings prims next of the box to see if people dont care it...
  4. -Tour de Japone...Cycling outfits, order from Yume, 3 colors combination for them.
  5. -Tennise Wear...Order from Alan, Tennise uniform from comic called Prince of Tennise, but no logo there becouse right.
  6. -Kunoichi-A...Neo-Ninjya for girls, some one asked me and Hina show me a image, made from it. 'A' is one of charactor what printed on the breast, There is tow fighting stance called A and UN, A is offensive style.
  7. -Shinobi-A..Neo Ninjya for boy, request from guest, and made from Hina's Image. Color changer script there for maflar, note card on the box.
  8. -Chinese Dress...Order from customer, standard style with dragon print becouse original image has it what Hina show me. 4 colors of dresses.
  9. -High Slit 2...Made from raffle ball one, goth dress with high slit on side.
  10. -Zabuton...Japanese sitting style pillow, 3 kind of standard puttern. Someone asked me in Japanese school so...


  1. -Shivar Nadru...Special editon of Vampire hunter for the SIM. they can buy from a box in staff room since not seling to everyone. Djinn Christensen is his name who order it, he will come to the staff room sevral time to buy it.
  2. -White Bonji...Made by asked, not included on the box.
  3. -Raggamafin Skirt...removed a buckle by requestt, in the box alrady.
  4. -Owl Knight...Jacket version by request, in the box alrady.


  1. -Nothing by order! Yay! but chain armor from bodhi is still thinking...
  2. -Clothes for Ami-chans Event
  3. -Tear drops(goth+casual)

Shop info:

  1. -Hina chans birthday is close March 16,every one ready for gift? :p
  2. -We have new player helping program. Angela Gateaux and Eyal Fish will works as greeter, They are new, so please tell them how to play SL too. :) Hinamori will give you notecard about that, If you have spare of group, please join to ::: B@R :: Greeter group as you can possible.
  3. -We got 10000 over trafic without event on sturday, thank you everyone! :D
  4. -Removed few prims possible to pull laggy.
  5. -Latest some coupple dance balls from Bits and bob added on floor,
  6. -Vivi's mistress making mall, becouse of Equestrian, they will put our LM there. thanks!
  7. -If some one who is not eployeer puted tips jar, please tell them remove that. Only staff possible to placed.


  1. Ami-chans Trivia event on this weekend.
  2. Japanese school was success, thank you, sophie chan!
  3. Van&Ami planning event on next week, coming more later.


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