Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 7 Update

New Product:
-Kunoichi-B...Raffle ball item, Removed colored leather from the A outfits. B is just B of alphabet this time. :p
-Four Leaf...Free item for Van's event, green top of Zipped Up with symbol.

Shop Update:
-Auto payment system...I placed auto payment system on shop for dancer, musician and greete. The system will pay money if you stay 1 hour there (Radius is 90m from the device, It's coverd store) everyday. Also This will Apply to Bodhi and Chroma who working as free till now. I think Druidess is stoped playing while.. havent seen her while...

Assistant or Manager are not changed, but if you like this system, I will apply with some inclear payment more then 1 week payment as totaly, if you are works everyday on the week one hour each. please let me know if you have intresting it. For Sharrow Dream, only Van apply right now, so if another guy join there, I will consider to add this system.

-Last weekend seling:
Bodhi asked me one of person of date, hmm but privacey thing so better to be close for the infomation. Most person who bought items on a day is 36 items for last weekend.As additional infomation, here is ranking for last weekend seling.

1. Medusa 27
2. Eye Cry 'Tear of Life' 25
3. Spring Flowers 23
4. High Slit 2 19
5. Genbu 13

Next standing:City of Vampire/Kunoichi A 10
Goth Wings/Elements/Long Back Apron/Black Capricorn 9

-Done for sign of Van's event.


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