Sunday, March 26, 2006

March 27 Update

New Products:
-Baron of The Orient...Mens dress lile prince, 2 colors nd goth version included.
-Reckless...Made by request, close of Dogwitch outfits, but arranged lot like everytime..
-Short Leather...Mens shor sleave leather, pants and 3 arrenged top (Plane, Goth, Punk, Rings) inclncluded.
-Simple Dots...50-60' mini skirt looks. 4colors. sunglass (re-build) included. Gave away on Van's event too.
-Spider Queen...goth dress, like Reckless + Demon's Bride. B/W and Brown.
-Batsu...Club wear, Batsu is cross as japanese but not the god symbol one, just the shape. White and Black, no thong.
-Tiddy..Comical Tiddy bear Avs. Special version of Paw Overall included.
-Tennyo 2...Made by request as full body tennyo. Kanji are Ten(Heaven,Luck,Sky)-Chi(Ground)-Hito(Human).3 important words for defeat. White for basic color, so can be tintable,and unisex.
-Sunguard..Rounin sunguard, with color change script.

Personnel Reshuffle:
-Aoife got title of Manager, better to talk with Linden for lag / problem on SIM with the title. She is keep contact with CoffeeLinden on your time (but I think cant meet her becouse time zone...) so She will know well about Wolof. :)
-Tori Heart Starting to work as Dancer. Welcome new friends. :) So, closed to get person except greeter.
-Amra, he made B@R Otaku group as personal. Its just fun group and I'dlike to willing to support them. :) Made uniform for him for the group.:p
-Invite Silious and Dallas to B@R member for place tip jar while DJing, and VIP officer to announce/invite.

Shop Update:
-Lag strake back! one of Linden checked our SIM and store, she tolde metexture are fine but laggy object on the SIM and gave me the list (withwhat Aoife got before). (Im suprise she come to wearing our clothes, shesaid some Linden coming to buy our clothes on his/her alt charactor) .On the list, one of things are Lovers Cove(Spa on sharrow dream) so removedthem. Another 5 items are placed on another property on the SIM so cannot do something for them.. but its less then harf of heavey script onthe SIM consider from two month ago. So we havent any of heavey scriptright now. :D
-Changed Animation ball color to match for our store, Dark Brown for man, Light Brown for weman.
-Placed Teleporter to PvP zone.
-Placed Vote terminal, I dono what exactry works, just getting vote number via email...
-Easy instruction to fixed blurred clothes for newbe, tell them read there, thank you for Sil for the help...!
-Rocky Sasson(Japanese friend) and Sibele Ingmann(Friend from starting SL) join to the wall for thir vendor.

Sharrow Dream:
-Becouse kill lag, removed huges spa, and making new one as my self asless lag. Shape and animation ball, also set sexgen Cuddle kit puted ona rock, there was my fav place, so, I will keep work for it till I canget relax. :) Give me sugegstion too, thanks.
-neighbor getting item from raffle ball, he told me he dont care, but the raffle ball move to cornerto cover Serene Setting.
-Changed Animation ball color to match for the spa, Dark Green for man, Light Green for woman.

-Vai starting to living cneter of the house.

-Akasha Tower close the door, they are continue to do club business.
-Keep contact with Expose people to replace vendor, but can not meet him yet..
-Doley rebuilding as goth place. Will place vendor there again..

-Silious Backbite Starting DJ for fixed time. sign on our store. Support her please. :)
-Thank you for Van the event, the SIM was crashed two times X) but people were having fun!
-Naomi chan's event coming on Phoenix Spa. Also dont miss to go Tuseday's event on there what we supporting...

-Planning to change staff photo for more good :p I will do that when I got good idea for it.
-Sometime I got question want to see the looks mens clothes on girls, ifsomeone make the thing as any form scratch( book like albam fof screenshot, vendor machine type and etc.. low lag is important) , please letme know, I will pay for the work. :)


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