Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 20 Update

Thank you for take care for me, I will ok for now. :)
Here is update for this 10 days:

New Products:
-Exotic Leotard...Request from Akira, Outfits from Starwars Galaxies, white, black and red included. On SWG, can not be red on

-Iron Heart...Assasin 2. Goth+BDSM looks. Blind fold included.
-Black Dragon...Dragon looks outfits and parts. Nothing special except eye blinking from another.Just met some dragon AV guys,

so tried to make this. Shape included but possible to wear by girls shape I guess...
-Egret...Request from Druid. Angel feather version of Crystal Angel. Click to turn off/on wing's blinks. White and blue shade.
-Flower Note...Casual one peace style skirt for spring season. Pink, sky blue, wine available.
-Chaina Forest...Chainese dress with open center. 4 colors.
-Deep Forest...Celtic version of Chaina Forest. 2 colors.
-Sakura Koi Uta...Kimono for spring. Title mean is Sakura(Cherry Blossom) Koi(Love) Uta(Song).
-High Priest...Black and white robe with cross for men.
-Dark Paw...Black suit for furry, evil+cute style, mens clothes.
-Mono Horn...Goth outfits, 3D material used like Chrono. Prims attachement included.
-Black Basket...Easter basket for black bunny with holding script.
-Sliver Phoenix...Mens long coat, 2 colros with mesh.
-Pink Phoenix...Girls casual, very far from the original, but Yuffy's clothes from Final Fantasy.. I think Tizzy will not notice it...
-Spider Web...New raffle ball item.

Shop update:
-Teleporter for staff room: you can find corner of east, around vending machine.
-Bagu Popinjay, he was working as volantieer, but he is very good to do and help us lot our shop / sharrow dream. So, starting pay

for him. Also he was help me to back to work, I dont say lot this time, but sometime I will. :)
-Misha Eusebio starting to do greeter. Elys friend, and very nice person. :) Stella Takashi asking me too.. and Zore's friend. Angela

is busy right now becouse she got kids, Eyal Fish will done for one month program soon, so we can have two, so I think enough

greeter we have now. please stop to get greeter till next month.
-Sililos Backbite will do random DJ for every weekend like Dallas. She was done well for Hina's birthday party(forgive me, its done

when I get the idea so dont telling all of you guys). :) Also Vai considering to start DJ.
-Druidess Bunnyhug leave the work once, Asking to get new dancer to Aoife now, we have not much dancer right now... I made

new dancing floor, so I like to see people dancing there more then now since havent seen lot who dancing there...Its my small

dream. :p
-Raffle balll turn to range for 90m and shout for prize, dotn shout on Sharrow dream on but 90m for range to cover Seren

Setting. If another neighbor dont complain about it, will keep it.
-Ami chan coming to Japan in real life now, so can not log in SL.
-Almost done for new decoration for BR, change the fitting room then done once, going this decoration till past season of cherry

-Miss to delete floor of staff room X). I will try to fix them as my self later...
-New Light box with effects script on staff room, effects included, I will make VIP skybox, need to be find script what allow to

teleport only for group. I wil lask to Aoife first becouse she starting to work for script. Also reception desk there. will decoration

more later, but please stay on shop to help people as you can possible. :p
-Pose box on staff room, same system with dance box on floor. Use them for modeling.
-Akira's Misc Vendor and a shoes vendor joined. Also Tenshiko is back too. and Aoife starting to sale. The East wall is almost full (

need keep space for new products). Also I found Alna's vendor.
-Teleporter put around on store for Sharrow Dream and Seren Setting.
-Payment system done for adjusting... Added staff for join, Removed staff to know the system. This system seems to be scanning

around so, if people getting lag much then before, consider to remove it..
-We got first banned guy, used ventriloquism script and people let them talk stupid things. Tori noticed me when he use the

script, small partcicle show around the body so got him.

Seren Setting:
-Zore named this furniture place. Lance keeping update there.
-Moved all my furniture for seling to there.

Sharrow Dream:
-By my misstake, gather the land with store's land.. Hard to subdivide there.. Becouse of it and new place, changed discription of

the shop.

-Asking Hina / Zore to Raffle ball items exchange event on Seren Setting.
-Van planning new event, coming more soon. :)

-Ami starting calender project with long term. All female got from notcard from her, if not, ask to Ami please when she is back

from travel.
-Torley Linden intoroduce our shop on Snapzilla. Also he was visit Sharrow Dream and took Ami-chan's picture.


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