Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 22 Update

New Products:
Empress of Night...Goth dress, Black and red included, naughty bit on breast, so, carefull to sale.
Wuv Bat...Goth lori dress, made from EoN, was thinking for additional of it but going to change design lot but price is low then it. This is new category so keep going to try to another. Pink and White included.
Sports Girl...Casual, with micro hot pants.
Mini House...First attempted house, made for fitting room. Design is refer from Shirakawa gou, one of world heritage on my rural district(bit far though but same). This one is seling on next of there as L$75. Thenk you for hurrly to give me door script. I will make bigger size of house when I got time...

Made very small village at next of Seren stting with the mini house. Still no idea to make something on open space, becouse of it, Put house there to live. All staff can use here to live if he/she has not land till make something or expand store. :p Sorako and Chroma starting to living there now, so, let me know if you have interesting to live there, dont need any pay. Give you house and you can modify it. I dont care if you have house alrady anywhere if you like there. :)

Build at behind of store. The area is possible to dead so be carefull. I donno how fun is PvP but use for testing weapon or something, also please ask to people who fighting in store. would be exciting for them. :p Looking for radio startion match for fighting now. :)

Van's event coming at March 24, 50' Style! alrady made sign for her so sign will come soon on store. :)

Shop Update:
-Fitting room has been changed to new mini house.
-Huge /small steppingā€stones added for store for decoration.
-Light box for shooting on store, but for reduce lag, will remove once and keep them till made VIP room.
-Best seling items for last Satrday and Sunday. Very old clothes, Ginryu is starting to sale lot again.
1) Chaina Forest 24
2) Silver Phoenix 16
3) Check Lori 15
4) Deep Forest/Ginryu/ Sakura koi Uta 14
5) Genbu/High Priest 12
6) Mono Horn/The Scorpion/Assasin/Simple Black 10

SL especialy our SIM is laggy now after the update, its not by script this time, any problem what we can not fix by ourself there on SIM now. Also some prim with particle script will gone so be carefull if you going to build something here (prims still there but cant grab...). Also, some of friend on list removed at once after the patch. My friend asked to Linden then they said this is problem by database messed up when they made new SIM with new patch. All of problm are come with this maybe.. Just keep report to Linden when you got heavy lag. thank you, :)


Blogger Bagu said...

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5:50 PM  
Blogger Bagu said...

You could possibly use the small island the village and furniture store is currently on and and make 1 big Bare@Rose Feudal-Era Japan community, with houses for the employees. The pvp dojo could go on top of the hill and be like a shinto shrine of sorts.
The furniture store could possibly be set up on the 2nd floor of the headquarters.
Daily events in store. It would be pretty easy to broadcast in the B@R channel that we're doing a morning or afternoon dance event, for people who are bored in SL and can just come by,socialize, and get things off the raffle ball. No need for cash prizes.

8:21 PM  
Blogger June Dion said...

Thank you

7:39 PM  
Blogger June Dion said...

oopes thank you for the advice, Around furniture area, Zore working for it, and she making garden there. :) About the place, I donno which one is better... Placed on store then we might be got additional lag, and limitation of expansion there.
About event, Im thinking dont take away another club's customer, so, one event for a week would be better, but not overraped event, such a education, storyline like Naomi doing, Trivia like Ami did would be good if its do as daily.
Anyway this blog is not good for reading and posting, need forum first I guess X)

7:48 PM  

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