Monday, April 03, 2006

April 3 Update

Was took lot of sleep in this weekend so not so much clothes relesed. :p

New Product:
-Crusader (Lady)...Girls version of Crusader, Same set of mens one but design is bit diffarent.
-Alraune...Hand drowing type clothes, themed for plant. Bit strangle looks. :p but this week's goth clothes. 3 colors with wings.
-Green Farm...Farmer girl outfits, with strawhat and fork, Fork has weapon script like the sword. :p
-Quick Draw 2...Burst Angel outftis, request from Hina. 3 colors of top included. Hina made maffler and starting sale.
-Jester Yu/Chaina Forest...Black and White clothes, only for April fool raffle ball, removed alrady. Not so much noticed one, so didnt send to staff. Tell me please if you need.
-Goth Swimwear...New raffleball item and for the Hina's event.

-Building short bob hair. but I think need more time to be much better looking.
-Pirates outfits, request by Bodhi's friend.
-Outfits for Pheonix spa for this month.

Shop Update:
-Topazesca Nino joined as our DJ, getting infomation from her for new sign. Some DJ asking us to play for fixed date, but 3 is enough in my opinion, becouse they will play random time eather. On event, organizer can use your friend of DJ though. :) After fixed time for event, I will post for them each week on event page.
-Bodhi will starting to live on our property.
-Naomi chan gave me bertender robot, thank you :D I will place on weekday becouse reduce lag. :)
-According to Aoife, Linden told her Wolof SIM has not so much laggy script right now. The lag by system of the SIM, so, we can not do anything for reduce more. Since three Linden come to our shop and event sometime for shopping as I know, looking forward to fix when they felt lag while shopping. :p

-Hina's event has been success, lot of people coming and exchange items, and enjoy the time with DJ. :) She will do this event each two weeks (April 14 is next) , this is not club type event so you can do that on the week. Also I will make new raffle ball item with this span.
-Van's event was neat! Lot of beatiful wings I could see. While the event, my internet system is broken and couldnt back again... so sorry I cant back and say nothing to leave...Looking Looking forward to next one. :)


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