Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 30 Update

New Product:-
Low Cut School...Request from Hina's friend from one of anime, arranged it, 4 colors of school outfits.
-WA Wedding...Request from Reizo, WA is short word to explain japanese style. Quick work so not so much good...

-Trival Gakuran..Almost done, mens clothes. Gakuran is school boy outfits.
-Farmer girl...Request from Dancer of Dreamer club. American style farmer I guess. I wlll make very basic one...
-Manga like cat AV.
-Burst Angel, Hina's request.
-BDSM/Goth style furniture (not toys..) or new hair.
-VIP house, goth style If I had time..

-Hina chan will do raffle ball event on this friday, infomation will come later.
-Vans event on Satruday! Hot Wings!

Shop Update:
-Added decolation on store, all of them are made as phantom to reduce lag. keep going...
-How many B@R clothes out on SL? Here is data how many clothes we are seling in a day (no free/L$1 counted).

March 20 252
March 21 234
March 22 258
March 23 269
March 24 182
March 25 223
March 26 262

1,681 Boxes total, 240 Average for a day. I donno why but not so much flicker of the number. Keeping around the number while 3 month with 5-10 clothes release for a week. so, about 7,400 boxes out for a month. I think least 30,000 of clothes without count free items on SL alrady. Thats mean not so uniqe now, but this is fun to know. :)

-Money!I dont like business much and I didnt care well but this is fun fact to know as working on B@R.As first, Our personnel expenses (includ DJ and event additonal) for a month is... about L$ 55,000. We have 7 managers/assistants, 4 dancers/musician, and 1 to 3 grerters, 2 to 3 DJs right now. Ok no more additional people X). Let' take look others. Advertisement fee is about 6,000 , Dreamland radio only, Im still love to to listen our shop name on radio! Land fee is $125, thats mean around L$ 40,000, and most impotant fee, upload fee is 5,000 around. Blanch and miscellaneous, like grey money like model payment/furniture/script/furniture is around 20,000. So, our running cost is around L$. 120,000 for a month.. This close of a week of proceeds. We have good breakā€even point also ordinary profit. However, I can not boost making clothes more, I have still some idea but people will boring my design sooner or later, and I cant estimate what will happen becouse this is vertual world, so, keep this line or below would be good. I just want to say all of you guys, just do not do strike! do not allows to make labor union on B@R. :p and thank you again for helping every day. :)

Sharrow Dream:
-From advice by guest, made another part to made big pool and removed aztec spa...


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