Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31 Update

New Products:
-Crusader...New armor for men, Red/Yellow. Blue/Purple, Black/Sliver amd sward with script
included. There is discription on sward it self, here is how to use; hold on left mouse button and
use arrow keys. No sounds.
-Trival Gakuran...Long coat with trival pattern. White,Blue,Red trim. There is no description on
box but Cian base with red trim there for got color combination idea after made the image for
the box. Maybe works for girls too...

follow this time line as plan for this weekend.
-Crusader for girls.
-This week's goth clothes for girl.
-New Raffle ball item, use for Hina's event too for today (see the discription on her event).
-Free Wings for Van's event for tomorrow.
-Dallas's DJ sign for tomorrow.
-And then pending items what I mention previous...
-Ikuko Shirakawa asking me texture works, will talk more...
-Nature themed clothes, from Khalandar Truss

Hope I can do all of them without problem..

-Hina's event here, its today!

-Flux Woyseck, one of magazine editor on SL asking us to place the vendor, also interview for
issue 2. He asked me and staff for nude photo X) but I said no, if its just swimwear or semi would
be good :p
-One of freelance DJ asking us for play on shop, will do interview in this weekend.
-Hoshiko Takashi (Clothes designer) offer us to place vendor on our shop, will do interview in
this weekend.
-Casandra Jackson (Prim Food Designer) offer us to place vendor on our shop, will do interview
in this weekend. checked hi peoducts and looks nice. I told him restaurant idea with use his food on Serene Setting. No idea what it will going at this time.

-Sexy Partridge offer me vendor space for her mall/club (The Tomb). I will check there later.

Sharrow Dream:
-Changed time for Raffle ball by 600 sec, same with shop.


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