Thursday, April 06, 2006

New: Staff List

We have long term project but shorter then Ami chan's calender. We will starting make a book, what photo of all of staff with any of B@R clothes. The book work as sample of our clothes like small catalog too. Becouse of this remove panel on store but give away this book on store, also landmark giver on all of blanch and club where has it. Main manager for this project is Hinamori, but I will help to shoot photo and edit images. So, please prepare for this. :) THis book will keep update but long term, and if you like to intersting to help or idea for book make more good, ask to Hinamori please.


Blogger June Dion said...

Greeter are not included this project... but if they might be come to formal staff later, add them on next issue.

Please join this project to Bagu and DJs if you guys dont mind. :)

Center wall is open becouse of it, but I will pick up from images and put there and changes time by time, Ami-chans Calender or customer photo will possible.

3:16 AM  

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