Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 6 Update

New Products:
-Cutie Bob...My 2nd attempt hair, Short bob with 7 colors. Sending one to staff is no copy version and name is wrong, aslo hat included, But Seling one is no transfer but copy, no hat included. That notice puted on there as floating text.
-Black Lotus...Egoist line neo kimono, but made from scratch, adjust top brightness as update, sign will up later.
-Fire Butterfly..Kimono for male with fire looks butterfly. I know its bit girl-ish as result... Red and blue there.
-Scaret Fever...Request from Tori, named by Naomi. PVC type simple club wear. Shoes (no prims :p) included. 4 colors. Recomad to girls who has big tattoo on back.

-Wolf themed clothes by rquest.
-Metal Bikini and Skirt. (Leias outfits from starwars).-
Chon-mage(Samurai hair)
-Comando and Bio Engineer for male.
-Male hair or freebe hair.
-Buney AV for easter-New raffle ball item for Hina's event.
-Furry outfits for Van's event.

Shop Update:
-Raven Latrell joined to our greeter today. Please welcome new staff. :)
-Eponymous Trenchmouth joined as new vendor wall.

-No event this weekend, but Naomi-chan's event on spa, and Live DJ by 3 of them. :) Hina has Raffle ball trade event on 14 (8 to 10PM) and Van has event for furry. on next week though, :)
-Here is tool you can add advertise fot event on SL Butique.


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