Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13 Update

New Products:
BlackButterfly...Catsuit dress with tatto set. Since ther part of clothes, black only. Added long socks version and open(BDSM) version later, not sending to staff but you can buy as $L1 from orange box at next of radio station if you need. Hina chan help to sending customer who bought it alrady.
202 Tyop B...Another version of 201. 201 is Denim + another cloth material, So, 202 for Denim + lace, How about 203... hmm.. Denim only, maybe. X)

-Mens China Robe
-New raffle ball item.
-Furry clotthes for event.
-Correct typo on box images: Sumer Dreams/Sports Girl

-City of Vampire Blue Sash version by request, alrady in box, tell me if you like this color.
-Jacket version of White fur vest by request. Alrady in the box too.

-Leave form Doley Vendor
-Join to Kelindra's shop, Seling Trans Crysta Angel there what do not sale on store as exclusive.

Shop Update:
-Simon Glass become to our greeter!
-2Vendors (Hair and Wings) added to east wall. 2 people reserved the place, so can not put vendor physicaly. X)
-Planning to `new release infomation board` for vendors.

-Post about event about end of this week events on forum with intoroduce about our store, havent do that long.. So maybe we can get few additional people... I hope so.


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