Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27 Update

Sad news here, Pheonix Spa will close the door at end of May. They are helped us for first Fashion show, the event every Tuseday and Nami-chan's Storyline. They are still going the event, so keep helping on next month too. I got holiday for next tuseday, so, I will attend the weekly with new prize clothes. After that, we will have relationship with the some of staff of them, like continue tuseday event on our place.

New Products:
-Pink Coffin...Furniture, bed for goth lori vamps with pajama. Just made for my fun. :p But thank you for parfect moving script, Aoife, and the sleeping pose, Hina. :)
-Leather One peace...Girls version of Gecko Rider.
-Exodus...Hair for Mad Hair Fair, see following infomation for more. This one is not release till end the event on shop.
-Uniform Kimono...New Freebe, what we were using as uniform. Ribbons are made by Zore, so not includead, socks from another outfits so not includead likewise.

Shop Update:
-Added Message board, free to use for anything! Hope not make lag...
-Van's sign of event is up on store.

-Mad Hair Fair...My friend, treebee Withnail preparing the event. We will gonna attend with 4 + new hair Another designer is treebee's Brainbow, Curious Kitty, Unvail and such. More to come when I got infomations.
-Donate items for 'HeaVen~&~Hell Night Club' opening event.
-Got additional 20 more bunny from Playbo"i" Club. So, total 80 Bunny They hiring...
-Customer noticed about to get certain raffle ball item. That establishment is... 1/25(items) each 10min, Thats mean 4 hour once, I think 6 around people on store everytime so, 24 hour onece with stay all the time there... I guess its valueable then clothes to buy. :p
-Find Raffle ball item to seling on Used Item Sale event, noticed owner to stop it, then remove them. She was talking to me without caps lock if I talk softly, so, if you found such a thing, please keep friendly. (For first but second :p)


Blogger Ami Kawabata said...

-Got additional 20 more bunny from Playbo"i" Club. So, total 80 Bunny They hiring...

Bunny suit as a uniform? NO THANK YOU. =p

4:50 PM  
Blogger June Dion said...

No sharpen teeth include with them. X)

12:12 AM  

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