Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21 Update

Got 50 of the last DIA ranking! better 7 more then before, thank you very much. :D
Also Dwell money will rid off on May 15 from SL. Camp chair. Club and Event will going to more then less from now (but never gone all of them I guess) as my forecast. So we can do more event for fill deficit in the world as payback to people with gratitude and I like party basicaly. :p Van and Hina working for event constantly but , if you can do manage weekly event, please let me know. :) I think Tuesday (sometime more busy then weekend, since its stipend day) or Sunday would be good or if you have your friend good for management event, I can hire them for the day. Also Van and Hina can do more if you have time. :p

New Products:
-Leather Prince... Idea from THE THREE MUSKETEERS, named by Tizzy, was try before, just made hat and stopped, tried again. Mens outfits, but I think possible to wear by girls. 3 colors outfits with each hat. After made it, I guess wait till flex prims support for feather... Lot of possiblity. X)
-J School Summer...Very standard school wear in Japan,3 colors. I can see around in japan so made this. goth taste one included as additional. Vest is possible to be another layer but ribbon is pailed on sweater for layers, gathered with them. I will make mens one with separate sometime I could do.
-T's V School...Nothing to say, T is Tizzy, clothes for her but if its help for her nakid-ness. X) Raffle ball item.
-Low Cut Pirates...Reqeust from Paku, Raffle ball item too.

-Goth dress.
-203 (Fleshwrap type)

Shop Update:
-PC Magazine writer came and take shot of our store with Hina. :) You can see it near of book sotre future!
-Forget to know all here.. Hina and Bodhi starting live on the place, But I cant find Bodhi's house. X)
-Ariana Singer joined to our dancer, seems to be greeter program not going well. X) so budget use for new staff. but you can tell me if good person you found for greeter. :)
-Added new slow dance and such from Bits and Bob on dance floor and Sharrow Dream.
-Camping chair, no Hanging chair. :p what is people stay if she/he bored and find new friend. Kinda like experimentation people like or not.. If Im not making clothes, want to chatting. so I guess work for me. :p


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