Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17 Update

We got Developer Incentive Award again, thank you very much all. :D But this month is the end of the program. no more prize. We are 57 from top on SL for trafic for Feb, I donno how high this time, I will put infomation here about that later. :)

New Flax prims is nice :D While server is down, went to preview server(thank you for know me Aoife). With Flex prims, you can make real flex items such a cape, mantle, cloak, hair, whip, maffler, ribbon, skirt, tail, tentacles and etc... There is lot of possiblity to made some props. When 1.9.1 coming on live, I will try to make them, also improve some items, such a maffler and wings. Also there is Light prims too, I think need to change some settings for shop for mor better looks. Also I think good update for every one too. :)

New Products:
-Rose Clan...This week's goth clothes. usual style with rose symbols around. 3 Colors of rose.
-Thousand Eyes...Goth type underwear, 4 color combinations.
-Asian Beauty...Chinese + Kimono style.
-Night Watch...Mens, Goth type, 3 colors and plane version includead.
-Laced Angel...Casual, denim pants with 4 colors tops.
-Shinigami Assasin...Request from Hina before few month ago. Design from Bleach, trival version there. Kani says assassination. Was trade on raffle item too.
-White Cross...New raffle item, blue coat with white cross.
-Furry Leather Vest...Made for Furry event by Van.

-Fixed typo on boxies.
-Chakra tattoo skin black based white/red by request.

-Sentinel for girl by request. (Tristan Padar)


Shop Update:
-Alan and Fada join to vendor. No more vendor except one of magazine stand or sign.To clear lag issue, if some one using network vendor, please let me know, I will ask him/her to use simple one. AKira's vendor is seems to be lost, so I will ask her later.
-Sales Record for this weekend (April 15/16)
1) Asian Beauty/Rose Clan(One Day) 11
2) Black Butterfly/Night Watch 10
3) Laced Angel 9
4) Simple Black/Trival Gakuran 8
5) Metal Arms/Shinigami Assasin 7
Server is down while on sturday and not much sales like last weekend. X) I need think more design to peope like X) But dont need to sale more like RL business, proceeds is not so bad at all and let go slow. :)

-Hina's raffle trade is going well, lot of anime fun coming and enjoy music from title of games. Maybe Hina will turn the event to anime/game themed one again.
-Furry event is moved to April 22 becouse server was down by attacked hacker.


Blogger June Dion said...

Oops, another pending here:
-Casual for mens
-Casual/underwear for teen
-Naguhty j school. request by Tizzy.
-Prims clothes will stop to make till relese 1.9.1.

2:49 AM  

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