Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25 Update

I heard that sophie is pregnant harself, but I dont now ture or not since can not talk with her. X) If its ture, We can not meet her while, but congratlation and can't wait to see her baby. :D

New Products:
-Seducer...Lacey dress, the week of goth clothes. 3 colors and underwear version includead.
-Cavalier (Shoes)...My first shoes for men. I will try to make more shoes. :)
-Hana-to-Chou...Casual for summer, bloom and butterfly is that mean as japanese, you can find small bloom on center of shirts. :)
-Simple Bunny...Made for "Playboi" club, alrady sold 60 set of black one as L$850 for opening, they are hireing new player so if its help...
-Uriel...Mens casual, 3 colors.
-Doc...Doctor Clothes, SIM called Crimson fall becouse looking for it, Bio engineeer for girls so made as mens version with some variation.

Shop Update:
-here is ranking on last week. 650 clothes are out as total. Thank you very much for all. :)
1) Seducer 38
2) Cavalier (Shoes) 16
3) Simple Bunny 15
4) Hana-to-Chou 13
5) Crusader 12
-Coraki joined to our greeter.
-Got interview from Flux's magazine on SL, and took some photo with Hina and Ami chan.

-Full red Last Girl request from Coraki.

-Goth Pajama, making pink coffin for it, thank you for help Aoife for script. :D
-Leather on-peace.
-New body suit, made shape of design alrady.
-Mens casual for summer.
-Another shoes, texture + prim this time becouse the friend who asked me shoes not satisfied it, keep charenging. Alrady made based texture and special template for it. Maybe some good seams boots/socks possible to make with this.

-Van's event for this week, goth themed! Detail will come more later. I can not attend the event becouse go to hometown... so please help her event if you can. :)
-Hina going out town, so no raffle ball event on this week, I will ask her next week to do.

-Im out of town end of this week, I cant help people while.. but got long vaction next week. :)
-Introducing about our clothes here: (The Man Factory)


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