Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9 Update Part 2

Shop Update:
-Sales report for the weekend(May 6/7). As you can notice, Simple Black is coming to 2nd, thats mean some new player coming around to get basic outfits. And lot of items sold ever, as Tori notice, some new player coming around store I guess, may be not so much continue long. :p
456/389 = 845 for total
1) Dhampir 18
2) Simple Black 17
3) Stripe and Strap/Bindi/Armor Coat 13
4) Baron of The Orient 12
5) Ladies Armor Coat / Suzuran 11
-We got ranking 21 of TOP 100 PICKS IN PEOPLE'S PROFILE PICKS.


Acording this article, 1,727 for all of place, and we got the 21for the ranking with 277 people. As clothing store, Nomine is first and next are us! Thank you very much for all of help. :D
-One of friend told me on anshechung,com, there is June ACM who making asian clothes, if people ask about that, not me and tell them her clothes can find SL Exchange, I donno she seling on SL or not. X)
-New Decoration for summer on shop.
-Henri Lemieux, who is pushing people with script in store, gave him notice onece, so if he does it again please report to me for bann.

Sharrow Dream:
-New Tree house to made for request, possible to access from the wood next of catsle.
-Added some pose balls.
-Update raffle ball to same as store by request.

-As I can tell you first, super successfull for the two events. I was just chatting with friends :p so, uploud who working hard for the event, Hina, Ely, Van, and Topaz!
-J-Shool event..Van, Naomi, Ami are host, please check the detail on store, alrady put the event on Linden homepage. :)
-Pheonix Spa Event on this tuseday by Vivi.

Pending(with my to do for reminder...)
-Request/PVC Buisiness suit
-Request/Killer Tiddy
-Poll/Goth for this week
-Duty/Prize token for Miss contest
-Pending/Girls Shoes.
-1.9.1 Coming this week, so will try new hair, skirt, mantle and such.


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